Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Nagden Life is about to undertake an exciting adventure to the other side of the world! Stanley and I are off to New Zealand for a well earned break from the grey cold world that is Kent in January. It seems to have been relentlessly cold now for weeks and everyone seems to be carrying a bug of some kind or another.

Michael is staying behind to look after G and R - what a superstar, how much do I owe him now?!!

There's just the small matter of furnishing the cupboards and freezer and doing all the laundry before I go, and then 32 hours travelling - oh boy! But it WILL be worth it! The only question is will I want to come back - of course I will for M and the kids, but will the good life of the Antipodes beckon - and would Mum ever forgive me if we lived so far away? I'll keep you all posted

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