Saturday, February 11, 2006

Scorching Saturday

As I've said before, I'm quite shallow and a sunny day is all it takes to lift my spirits and boy did it shine yesterday! So we all pottered in the garden and Stan was in his element too. We went to a Toy Library first thing and picked up some ride on toys, so he was quite at home. Saturday is also the day when the property pages come out in the paper so I spent quite some time poring over them and choosing plenty of fantasy houses. Then a barbequed lunch of lamb kofte, couscous, houmus, salad - it really felt like summer time and got me thinking ahead to summer in our garden and how winter will, hopefully, be coming to an end when I get back.
As kids tea-time approached we headed off in the car to Sasha's favourite beach - Scorching Bay, a lovely golden beach, small but perfectly formed with a cafe called 'Chocolate Fish', rock pools, sand kids frolicking - you get the picture. All of the beaches have such fantastic dramatic backdrops with houses perched precariously all around, simply stunning.

Today is Oliver's birthday party so we are off to a Gym, Sasha has created a stunning castle cake - my children are certainly doing pretty badly in the cake stakes! Postscript -the party was a fantastic success, Stan loved it, lots of climbing, and balancing then bouncing on a proper trampoline. He was thrilled to be able to sit next to the big boys and girls, next to Oliver for the lunch, tucking into sausages, prawn crackers and so on. Did I mention him eating sushi the other day - proper sushi!!! What an international jet set kid he is!

Sunday - there was a street party in the evening, they close off the road to traffic and the kids all bike and scoot up and down whilst the little ones draw pictures with chalk, Stan loved it, running up and down the grassy banks - mostly wearing Oliver's cycle helmet. One house had barbies laid out in the drive way and everyone brought something to cook - we had already fed the children and were eating later so just took a bottle and chatted in the evening sun.

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