Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Gardening begins

There's nothing as grounding after a long trip away as taking charge of the garden again - for me anyhow. For the first few days I have felt so like a zombie and the dreadful February state of it was really pulling me down, so yesterday- not withstanding another atrocious night and then up at 4 with Stan, I decided I had to plant the tree which Dad had given me for Christmas.

It is the kind of job which one could focus on and achieve in an afternoon - unlike all the weeding mulching and clearing up that seems so insurmountable. The wind has been blowing and North Easterly gale for two days and nights but the sun shine broke through and wearing about 20 layers and Michael's beanie - as I said to him I was 'dressed for warmth not fashion'! I dug a hole a meter wide and just over a spades' depth, forked over the base and prepeared my stake. Along the way my trusty assistants Georgia and Raff helped with the excavations and the dog obviously thought that such a big hole must be for playing in - let's just say ot took a little longer than planned! With a stop to make and eat lunch I eventually got it in the ground by the end of the afternoon and I feel great. It is a 'pendulous pear' and I hope will screen the chicken run a little and provide a new shape in the garden - now I just have to move the Cotinus, beech sapplings, contorted hazel........

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