Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Really enchanting day in Margate today for the opening weekend of Turner Contemporary. The grand opening was yesterday, they had 8000 through the doors and I am glad we held back.

We first had a look in the gallery which was buzzing but not too crowded. The Conrad Shawcross piece was the all round favourite. Then a wander down the harbour arm to see Acrojou perform a snippet of Wake their work in progress.After that we ambled down onto the fabled sands and Georgia and Stan explored the perimeter of the rather lovely sea bathing pool - perhaps another day we might swim.

There were a number of satellite events across the town, all part of a programme called "You are here". Our particular favourite was a piece called "Bodies in Urban Space" devised by Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner which saw a group of performers in bright coloured clothing appear in the Old Town, running through in small groups before inserting, wedging and moulding themselves into tight and unusual spaces between and around buildings. They led us through the back streets of the Old Town on a mystery tour. Here are just a few of my pictures

Finished up our day trip in the time honoured fashion; chips and a pint on the beach lapping up the last few rays.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Druridge bay panorama

Day out by the sea

Taxi driver dropped us off at Cresswell. Stunning. We walked down onto the vast beach and then out along a small concrete causeway to the rock pools. Pootled, in silence, no wind, not a sound. After a while and having paid no attention to the tide we decided to head back, in very timely fashion! The tide was up almost to the top of the pathway...would have been an embarrassing news story.We set off along the sand with no plan. Walked and talked and collected sea glass and pebbles. A really wonderful way to clear our heads for the week ahead. After an hour or so we ambled back, the sun now on our faces and the occasional spit and spot of rain; the more impressive stuff was (luckily) over the sea.Cresswell has only one shop - Cresswell Ices - so we settled down to a hearty lunch of ice cream and tea
They also have an intriguing looking castle/tower - nothing like as impressive as Bamburgh up thew coast, but our own challenge. It was set back in a field full of sheep and behind a high-ish wall. Curious and unstoppable we set off and were soon climbing the wall and hopping down the other sde (Kids, don't do this xx)There was a path disappearing off through the surrounding wood so we set off imagining it might loop back to the village. Instead we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a vast caravan park, looking decidedly out of place.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday - the mid point of Clore

Today is a mix of time off and some programmed stuff, a good idea for me because I think I'd have been a bit lost if there had been nothing "to do" today. However now that I am back from the day's jaunt I intend to do nothing except read the papers. I have just noticed that I can see the sea from my room, it's the first really clear day and there's a purply blue ribbon way beyond the trees - tomorrow's plan is to to go to Druridge or Cresswell (or both...) and get a closer view

Started with a dynamic yoga class which I had skipped yesterday evening but today it did me a world of good. Then we headed out to Woodhorn a museum celebrating the coal mining industry and set in one of the most complete sets of coal/industrial buildings in the region, We were met by the director who will be one of our speakers next week. The site is a great mix of restored and reinstated buildings as well as a stunning new visitor centre with galleries, permanent collections and home of the region's archives

They opened up one of the Winding Houses for us and started the machinery, absolutely fascinating and I wished the kids had been there too. The Director had bought along his 5 yr old son, so I cheered myself up by talking to him!