Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Summer Holidays

Well we survived the end of term and as ever the leaving assembly was pretty emotional.

Georgia received her leaving medal and they sang some tear jerking songs and released balloons.
We were very lucky to have both Grannies as Penny was staying with us and Mum was in Throwley for the week so they too shed a tear.

The following day the finished at lunch time and most of the year 2's went to Seasalter
for a final blast together - in fact I think most of the kids who turned up will be at Boughton next year with G but it was good to have a final Ethelbert Road event. As ever the slimey mud proved irrisistable to the kids and many of them ended up looking like swamp monsters.

And now we are into the third week of the holiday and getting ready to set off on Saturday for two weeks camping in Cornwall. A new spot this time just outside St Agnes which Richard and Claire introduced us to last year, speaking of whom we have just returned from the Big Chill with them and Katy and Kev plus many others. It was fantastic and the weather once again held - no Glastonburyesque scenes for us.