Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Walk in the woods

Just back from a lovely evening wandering around in Kings Woods with the boys whilst G was at her new Drama club in Chilham. The timing is such that there would be little point in coming home as we would only have half an hour or so before heading back out again - whether I feel the same in the winter is another story. So in a most uncharacteristically organised way I put together a suitable pack of snacks and drinks, plus G's change of clothes, nappies for Stan and various parcels that needed to go to the Post Office and gathered up the dog. She was over the moon since she has been banned from walks since being spayed 10 days ago and her nervous energy was at boiling point - witness several large holes in my lawn!
Georgia was very excited to be starting the drama group and set off full of confidence, so it was easy to leave her and take the boys to the woods. We had a fantastic time, Raff in his old enthusiastic style pelted off into the woods- slightly alarmingly his coat makes excellent camouflage and he never answers when you call him, so after a heart stopping period when I really thought I had lost him I did have to read the riot act as Stan was going at his current walking speed namely stopping and I had to try and keep them both in sight. The promise of the bluebells to come was all around, lush green carpets in the coppiced woodland - Kings Wood is one of the prime places to see bluebells around here and if we do this walk every week, we will see them at their best. We finished up with a long trudge up the hill to the climbing 'frames' and picnic area - all of the structures are giant insects and birds carved from the local wood, we sat at a table in the form of a bird - well the boys mostly sat on the table, which became a space ship! A wonderful interlude.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spring pictures

Lunches outside

For me a turning point in the garden is when we can eat our lunch outside. Even on pretty chilly days in the winter my desire for a little sun on my face means you can find me sitting on the kitchen step, clutching a coffee and wearing a thick coat, but to able to sit outside and enjoy lunch means Spring is really here and summer is coming.

As it is the Easter holidays we have had a steady stream of visitors for lunch, Fran and the boys from Hackney, Louise and Flora, Annie and Alice and we have managed to create a little haven out of the wind in the sun, around the corner between kitchen and living room. The first of these saw a typical 'Granny Anne' moment, as I was suddenly struck with the idea of eating outside - which required the table to be laid - but first moved, and a spot of pruning (obviously!!). Fran stood by in slight bemusement and I think Louis and Dexter thought I really had gone mad - as far as they are aware no one ever needed secateurs to lay the table before! But is was all done quickly and we settled down to lunch - the sun went in for a while, but it was really great to be doing it! Then this week Louise and Flora, much better weather and a more relaxed affair - no gardeing needed. Michael on seeing the pictures announced that it looks a tip still, so today before our lunch guests arrived, I made Choc brownies, roasted a chicken and swept up all the leaves and moved the Christmas tree - finally; let's see if he even notices!

The fab weather has also meant lots of lovely walks along the sea wall and a new one around the back of the horses field, where Georgia and Flora had a great time playing over a bridge whilst Stan, Raff, Louise and I ambled slowly on - Raff spent much of the time on his belly - we thought SAS, he says he was being a slug!

This weekend is Easter and so we have a reasonably packed calendar, Katy and Kev Fri, Sophie and Caspar Sat and a big lunch on Sunday - I imagine the Easter Bunny will put in an appearance!

Poor old Mouse was spayed on Monday, so she has been feeling very below par and upset about being confined to her crate, these pics were taken on Sunday when she was still allowed to bounce!