Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovely day (at last!) after weeks of rain and grey and cold, the sun shone as the weather man said it would and so we went to Folkestone with a thrifty packed lunch (or "packed up lunch" as Raff used to call them). Kids had a ball in the wonderful free adventure playground and then we skipped down to the beach where I lay on the shingle getting lungs full of ozone and a faceful of 'bennys' whilst they did their thing

Georgia's hair is the same colour as the beach - or should I say colours?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walking meditation

Late afternoon walk with the dog, just her and me in the vast empty landscape. Flat light, still air, the day on the cusp of darkness. We walk alone save for a barn owl out hunting, describing for us the dykes and ditches that cross-hatch this marshy ground where the shrews and voles hide trembling. The ground is sodden after the long night's rain which has left the tangled brambles, willow and reeds glinting with drops, catching the last of the light. We tramp steadily my companion and I, the "schweep schweep schweep" of my denim clad legs and "thwok thwok" of wellington boots against them almost the only sound, a walking meditation.
Looping back towards home past my favourite thicket of sloes, the blackbirds' tuneful evensong turns to alarm calls, settling only when we are well past. Now the darkness is really upon us and a solo heron heads for home, the "six o'clock heron" as he is fondly known, spot on time today. Suddenly Mouse catches the scent of something and sets off at high speed, her nose inches from the ground, tail up. Off into the long grass then switching back and hurtling into the field, returning to me, then over the path and onto the marsh. Back and forth fixed on her task, pure instinct and a delight to watch, but whatever left such a trail is long gone and she falls in by my side settling again into our steady rhythm, my protector in the gloaming.

Friday, February 11, 2011

There was only one photographer at my birthday party, and love him as I do, Mr Berry is no the pics are NOT flattering. This one I like because I was cutting my cake and the assembled lovelies threatened me with the bumps. Let's just say they decided against...