Sunday, June 11, 2006

Raff is 5!!!!

Where does time go, Raff is 5 and I feel like life has just gone into warpspeed! We had a lovely time with him on the day, gave him a new bike which he was absolutely thrilled about.

Then the party!!! He had requested a 'Hero party' so invitations were duly issued to 7 dear super-hero friends. Raff wanted to be Batman and this was made even more perfect by the arrival of a Batmobile from Dan and Sarah on his birthday! I put together a costume for Stan and he became....SuperStan!!
I was working at Acqua the night before and they were all due at 10.30 (time was set when I thought I would be working the evening after the party!) and didn't get to bed until1 am so the morning was fairly mad with food to be prepared and Michael in charge of the entertainment. Unlike 2 years ago when we practically had a typhoon at the Beach Hut, the weather was scorching and we had a great time - I think the Supers did too! With Tug-of-war, Michael vs all the heroes, pass the parcel and general running around zapping each other I think we can agree with Raff when he said "that was my best party ever".
How could I forget also Michael's amazing "pin the KAPOW on Batman" with wonderful painting only finished half an hour before kick off, speaking of which the kids and I, plus aunty Jo went off to the beach hut in the afternoon and left 'him indoors' indoors to watch the footie, our first trip to the hut this season!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The hurdle

It's finished and I am very proud!! Now I just need to do the whole garden!!

Half Term

Just a few pics and notes about half term which has just finished!! Michael was off all week as he finished at Christchurch and took a well earned break before starting his new job. We had Nick and George and the boys plus Mum, Brian and Clare over for lunch on Bank Holiday Monday and had to eat inside as the weather was cold. Crazy to look back at pictures of Easter when we were basking in warm sunshine, hey ho! Louis and Archie were staying down with Mum in Throwley for a few days so Brian got a lift back to town with N&G and we had a great afternoon with the boys frolicking in the garden before dropping them over to Mum. Louis came with me to collect manure form next door and havng watched me do the first barrow load insisted on doing all of the digging and filling up of the next barrow, he is incredibly strong!!

Tuesday and a previous engagement to go over to see Honey and her tribe! We hadn't seen Ptolemny and Cecily which is crazy as they are now 1. I took loads of pics of them but my @@$!!!?***** camera crashed the computer as they were uploading and wiped all except this one of the twins and Tilly!

Then more fun with the boys who came here for a sleep over, much to G and R's delight! Louis wanted to do more manure shifting but we all went for a walk out to the sea wall so they could scramble about on the fallen straw bales, it was great to see all of the kids having such a great time together, and Archie even volunteered to hold Mouse's lead which was lovely to see as he had been a little nervous of her bounciness!
The last couple of days were quite relaxed although Raff was really under the weather and I got a bug, but the sun has been shining for a few days now and we are all feeling much better. Michael's job started yesterday and I think he has a challenge ahead, but one that he will enjoy.