Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I am put to shame by the wonderful blogs of Archie and Louis, they write so often and so engagingly, and I can't believe how long it is since I last posted. I had wanted to write about the fact that we had our first outside lunch of the year this year on the 3rd February!! How mad is that, a few days later it snowed and it has been unspeakably cold and miserable ever since. I am not sure whether I managed to get a picture even!
Other notable events this month include the chopping down - at last - of the dreadful leylandii which ran down the edge of the patio outside the kitchen.

The difference it has made to the light both inside and outside is fabulous. I have been busy digging up various plants from around the garden to create a mixed hedge to replace them, which will be kept at the height of the existing fence.
I was reviewing my postings from this time last year in which I promised Georgia more growing space and am proud to say I spent a long afternoon recently removing a huge shrub and loads of weeds from a bed at the bottom of the garden - I get there, eventually!!

Half term highlights centred around Penny coming to stay to help with the childcare - the kids had a ball with her and we loved spending time together - Georgia finally finished the wooden dragon which she started at Christmas - a project only made possible by the amazing patience of a wonderful Granny in the face of some pretty concerted bossing! Her royal loveliness also finally had a haircut - and doesn't she look beautiful!

Since our trip to Bodiam castle Raff has developed a passion for all things Knights/Castles so I whipped up a tabard, shield and sword which he loved. He made a wonderful castle out of Lego yesterday which has been archived - Michael's new project to record some of the wonderful things Raff creates.

This weekend Nick and the boys, followed by Clare, Richard, Ben and Dexter came down so it was fun filled and action packed. We managed to get out for a walk at Seasalter on Sunday which was lovely if a little cold and bleak - roll on summer!

Michael and I have a VERY exciting treat coming up to raise the spirits! We are off to Kenya to Diani for a week, courtesy of a lovely fairy grandmother, for a holiday without the sprogs! The pictures will I am sure be somewhat brighter than these beach scenes!