Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hatching a plan

Well, it's a typical April day, windy, sunny, rainy, warm and cold! I have been busy pricking out seedlings of Cosmos for Georgia's garden and sowing lots of pumpkins, squash and courgette seeds in small pots. It's my day for focusing on the stuff I want to do, Raff goes to a childminder after Nursery on a Tuesday and it leaves Stan and I with an uninterrupted day to divide up as we will. Time pressures are less and we have lunch when we feel like it, read books, snooze, garden and sometimes even clean the house! But not today. Last weekend was Stan's Naming ceremony and 1st birthday so it was a busy build up and now I think I have finally run out of steam. But one other job had to be done today and that was installing Lucy our broody white Pekin Bantam into the old chicken Ark which is going to serve as a broody coop. We have been give 6 fertilised eggs by a friend and we are going to see if she can put her broodiness to some use. Apparently it takes 21 days for chicken eggs to hatch, so watch this space for a slice of Springtime fun.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


The marshes are bursting into life, every day more leaves burst in the hegderows and the fuzziness increases. On Monday we had a great adventure, rescuing a new born lamb from the field at the end of the garden, its mother had abandoned it and it was getting very cold in the drizzle and familiar wind.