Monday, September 14, 2009

Moare Music

What a fab weekend, went to Moare Music - it's their second year and we very much hope that it carries on - judging by the numbers this year they won't have any problem. Having said that about numbers, what is so lovely is how small it really is and how un-greedy they are, loads of space. The food as ever was sublime - we sat downwind of the barbecue and frankly didn't need to eat just inhaled it all!

Saturday was sunny and warm and the music very jazzy/funky - the kids pelted round and round the garden endlessly, lots of friends were there and Stan as ever made loads of new ones. Stan even took up flying

with some help
In between the sets plenty of opportunity to catch up with essential reading, for Rommy the Guardian's political pages
whilst for the 'big' boys an ancient copy of Jackie magazine, and mostly the problem pages
Sunday was chillier and somewhat more subdued (some of us might even have had a bit of a hangover....M?) but there was no stopping a significant number of older, somewhat portly men of a certain age from hurling themselves around when Suggs came on! In amongst them and having a total blast you might have spotted a certain 5 year old on his mother's shoulders bouncing and leaping around - my knees will never be the same!
The perfect antidote to the end of summer!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009