Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh my goodness she's 9!

A few days late - but life has been hectic.
Georgia is 9 - where did that year go- and whilst we're wondering, where did the other 8 go too?

What a beautiful girl - well I would say that..

We had a very grown up celebration this year - no party games for this crowd. Lunch at Wagamama for G and three friends followed by shopping for sparkly glittery things in Claire's Accessories.

There was lots of skipping and trying on stuff and I think they had a ball.

The boys made a cake while we were out, but we had to have it the next day as it all got a bit late -
I think it's safe to say Raff adores his big sister and it was made with love!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Smashed up Beach Huts and Wild Horses

Last weekend saw the latest mad instalment in the life of our beach hut. Earlier this year Mum, Brian, Michael and I had fun and games putting up the hut in gale force winds and last October Gavin and Michael had to take it down with the sea around their feet and waves crashing over the landrover. I decided this year to thoroughly investigate the tide tables and weather forecast to ensure everyone's safety. The boys were pretty surprised then to find the scene of devastation shown below.

Our hut is normally on pitch 97 and faces the sea!

Apparently the combination of a Spring tide and very strong winds the day before had resulted in lots of broken huts, some even washed down the beach. Our hut, whilst not broken was full of seaweed. Now we really understand why they have to come down in the winter! Unfortunately, I think we won't be having the hut next year, it has become an expensive treat especially since the rent for the plot is doubling next year. So this is the end of the beach hut saga!

On Sunday Louise George and Flora came down, and as ever we managed lunch outside! It seems they always bring the sun.

We went for a long walk out to the sea wall after lunch to see the recently installed wild Konik ponies which are amazing; very tame and not bothered by Mouse at all.

The other big event was Raff learning to ride his bike without stabilisers!! Hooray for Raff

Friday, October 05, 2007


I find cooking with the children very stressful - something about relinquishing control of my domain!!? So I have huge respect for lovely Michael who embarked on pasta making with the kids a few weekends ago. The results were really tasty - and I think he only burst a few minor blood vessels keeping his cool!

Festival fun

Summer came back just in time for us to go the The End of the Road Festival. We had tried to persuade a few people to come with us but I think the previous months' rain put them off, so it was just our Wilcox brood who braved it.

As it turned out we had glorious sun - although the nights were pretty chilly! It was fantastic and we will be going again next year. The hi-lights have include the band who dedicated a song to Stan " the little guy who keeps on dancin" and the mad Swedish band with massive pink balloons.
Check them out here

There were only 5000 people there and loads for the kids - Georgia learnt to walk on stilts - she even passed her stilt test which allowed her to go it alone!

So come on all you lot, come with us next year!