Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Really enchanting day in Margate today for the opening weekend of Turner Contemporary. The grand opening was yesterday, they had 8000 through the doors and I am glad we held back.

We first had a look in the gallery which was buzzing but not too crowded. The Conrad Shawcross piece was the all round favourite. Then a wander down the harbour arm to see Acrojou perform a snippet of Wake their work in progress.After that we ambled down onto the fabled sands and Georgia and Stan explored the perimeter of the rather lovely sea bathing pool - perhaps another day we might swim.

There were a number of satellite events across the town, all part of a programme called "You are here". Our particular favourite was a piece called "Bodies in Urban Space" devised by Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner which saw a group of performers in bright coloured clothing appear in the Old Town, running through in small groups before inserting, wedging and moulding themselves into tight and unusual spaces between and around buildings. They led us through the back streets of the Old Town on a mystery tour. Here are just a few of my pictures

Finished up our day trip in the time honoured fashion; chips and a pint on the beach lapping up the last few rays.

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