Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dorset weekend

Just back from a weekend in a most wonderful cottage in Dorset, well away from madding and other crowds. To get there from the road you had this wonderful walk, the cottage gradually revealing itself.

In fact we arrived in the pitch dark and had been well advised to bring torches. I love the mystery of that kind of arrival, the house gradually coming to life as light switches are found and rooms opened up -and then the delight in the morning of opening curtains and looking at the view, locating ourselves in the landscape.

We spent the days out on the coast, south and west of Bridport and had a lovely morning perusing the Saturday market in the town before heading out along the coastal path. I had done a bit of reading up and discovered a wonderful sounding organic farm with camping and a cafe just a short way inland which was our lunch stop on Saturday. Wonderful signs along the footpaths guide you there, through sheep fields and ramshackle farmyards.
The food was fabulous - I had spinach and wild garlic soup, G had a smoked mackerel pate with just the right amount of horseradish - all clearly made in their kitchen. We will definitely be going back - perhaps for the annual Somerville/Wilcox camping trip.

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