Friday, February 10, 2006

The fog lifts

Thursday of week one and the jet lag seems to be easing. By yesterday evening my eyelids were pulling themselves down if I so much as stood still. Lying on the rug playing with Stan and I was almost snoring, but today both he and I seem to be brighter and less foggy! So we headed into the city and up the 'cablecar' - which is actually a Funicular, to the top of the hill above the University and Botanical Gardens - Raff you would love it!! I took pictures in the tram museum of the old trams and a beautifully restored one. The walk back down again through the gardens via a fantastic kids play area was brilliant! So far the overriding sound of Wellington is that of the Cicadas and in the gardens the volume was out of this world. At the bottom of the hill was the Begonia House, not strictly just Begonias and my favourite bit was a pool full of water lillies of every shape and size - there is the perfect one for my new little water-tank pond.
Yummy take away sushi for lunch following a walk through the city streets with Oliver on my shoulders leaping up to try and reach the shop signs, as I said at the time - even though my shoulders were screaming to stop - it's the kind of thing that really special memories are made of. I have a sneaking suspicion that Sasha keeps taking me to the most beautiful places to convince us to move here - but perhaps it's just beautiful everywhere, it certainly is very appealing. I looked at some property pages today and found a house that really would do fine for 170k and that was without looking hard at all. There will have to be some proper weighing up of the pros and cons, if getting work is not too hard then it would have to be worth fully exploring......

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