Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sunny Saturday

The restaurant was fab! Great service and lovely food - some of the best Prosciutto I have had in years and a superb salted cod with tapenade and truffle oil. Didn't think I had had much to drink, glass of fizz, two glasses of red and a 'stickie' but feel a little jaded today! Maybe it's the late night?? I have rediscovered my natural sleep pattern since I have been here, going to bed at 10 and waking around 8 - many thanks to Stan for his good sleeping and very quiet morning behaviour. He stands up in his cot, chucks out all of his sheets, blankets 'Raddit' and whispers to himself as he does so, when my head is raised off the pillow to peer over my toes, his smile is as broad as can be and then he climbs in to bed with me for a cuddle. I will miss those morning cuddles when he goes back to his normal morning routine of leaping around in his cot shrieking and giggling with Raff!

The morning was spent out and about looking at the boats and climbing on the Volvo lorries and diggers which were all around the race village. The boys were also climbing on and off the sandsailing buggies, pretending to steer and race them. I was jealously admiring the diners in several of the waterfront restaurants and imagining how amazing it must have been when the boats had arrived when Richard told me he had booked in at one of them tomorrow when the boats set off again! How cool!

There was a wonderful atmosphere and we headed over to the main stage to listen to speeches by various big chesses and watch all of the skippers come up to sign a pledge to save the Albatross. The kids sat patiently through it before we headed back to the car to go round the bay to Kaffee Eis on Oriental Parade for possibly the best ice cream ever! I indulged Stan's request for 'Chyocot' ice cream - god knows why because he would have been happy with anything and he did end up wearing a good deal of it and it's a nightmare to get out of clothes - not to mention his tummy button!! But hey, he's on holiday too and we managed to persuade him to have a lovely paddle when we went down to the beach afterwards. It was the first time I have seen lots of people lolling about on the beach in the sun, most people are extremely cautious here and my two week tan is darker than many locals!

Home then for a relaxing evening, stories and cuddles with Pippa, a barbie and me cooking a Bill Granger tomato ricotta tart yum yum. This is the life!

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