Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wintery weather

We have had a bit of wintery weather.... the early warning message on the news at the weekend was a hilarious "moderate risk of a significant snow event" - Oh my god the world's gone mad when even the weather men speak corporate-buzzword-bingo-lingo!

So what actually happened? It snowed on Sunday evening, a bit more yesterday but not enough to shut the schools - by the afternoon it was melting and today it was icy but there were really only pockets of snow left. Kids at school again and I worked at home to get a bit of peace and quiet to write a big boring old document - oh and this....

I did however get out for a brain-refreshing walk with the hound and took these photos of some amazing ice formations in the marsh. The last one looks like a diagram of a cell or amoeba with it's nucleus.

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