Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stan THE man

I needed to go to Canterbury today to get a suit for an upcoming work thing and asked Stan if he would come with me to tell me I if looked 'beautiful' or not... he went to get dressed and reappeared downstairs wearing jeans and an exceedingly dapper linen jacket from Clare's wedding - I suggested a T-shirt might be worth considering since it was icy outside. Suffice to say he looked SO handsome and we had a truly brilliant trip , everyone we met commented on how cool he looked - he couldn't decide if this was GREAT or hugely embarrassing. I think he came down on the side of great!

Even dudes need a big glass of milk before they hit the fact that will hold him in good stead when he really starts to hit the town.

Another funny moment occurred when in the last shop we went to I praised him for having been such great company and well behaved, he replied "Well Mummy, at home you asked me to be nice and so of course I was", to the amusement of the lady serving us and a fellow shopper I replied that it wasn't always that reliable an indicator of success!

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