Sunday, February 08, 2009

Waking up the garden

Beautiful sunny day at last after all the snow and ice and fog and cold and drear! Pretty prefect Sunday in fact.
The moles have been very busy in the garden making particularly big hills and even taking over my dreams -very weird one last night with a mole as big as badger! - so I have been putting their hills to use as the base for seed compost; apparently it's really good, mixed with coir as it's really fine and free draining and also has the microbes from the garden which the seedlings will meet when they are planted out and it helps them build up resistance. Who knows, but at least the lawn looks a little more level. I also started clearing the beds of all the leaves and dead stalks from last year's perennials. All this is in preparation for the 3 tons of mushroom compost I hope to get delivered at half term to mulch with.
Also gave the chickens some attention, their house was revolting - again! and sadly the cold had got to Ginger who was under their house and somewhat rigid. Will have to go to Churchmans again as now have only 2 big ones who are laying, with the 2 bantams from the original gang, Lucy and Choc, who are very pretty but entirely useless when it comes to eggs.
After all that work we had a lovely walk to the Anchor in the sun for a couple of fine pints and jollity with the sprogs, Stan was a bit hard work on the way there but well fueled with "boys beer" and crisps plus some jelly beans he made it home again without too much trouble, Now they are all well ensconced in front of the Empire Strikes Back - Star Wars is the boys' absolute obsession at the moment -whilst a chicken roasts - not Ginger...and the papers are calling....

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