Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heavenly Day

Just back from a brilliant afternoon at St Margaret's Bay with the kids. Clear blue sky and the sea looked positively Mediterranean, although I wasn't tempted to test that theory with my toes.

M and I had a cheeky night away on Friday night in a rather lovely hotel nearby, Wallets Court, and after breakfast went to the beach to walk off the Clavados/Whisky enhanced foggy heads before re-engaging with the domestic madness. When we got down there it was so picturesque and the simple cafe surrounded by families enjoying the glorious sun spurred us on to belt back home, scoop up the sprogs who were being ably and sweetly looked after by Mum and Brian, and then zoom back. Amazingly they were all rather resistant to the idea which was annoying, but we persisted and persuaded the ungrateful little scamps that it was a good idea and I think they would agree it was a blast.

The groynes there have this unusual double skinned construction, some of which are hollow, which meant the kids could climb inside and disappear from view - the boys in particular played some wonderful games, loosely based on Star wars/Pirates of the Caribbean/Thunderbird/Transformers for hours, barely stopping to guzzle the sarnies we had brought, whilst I mostly soaked up the rays, ergo as happy as a sandboy! On Friday the boys and I had spent an equally lovely day frolicking on the beach in Whitstable with Phil and Paul, so Spring must be springing.

Mouse thought we were all mad as she hates pebbly beaches and so spent most of the time up on the groyne with me

Finished up with mugs of tea and hot chocolate from the very friendly lady in the cafe, you can take your mugs down onto the beach, which pretty much perfected a top day

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