Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 'real' sea

Much as I love living so close to the sea, there are days when the estuarine nature of our most local beaches just doesn't hit the spot. So with the first day for ages that wasn't utterly freezing and frosty we decided to go to Folkestone based on the fact that there would be proper waves and hopefully a beachside chippy.

Yes to the former but no luck with any sort of cafe or chippy apart from a very chi-chi kiosk selling hot choc for £2 and it was still exceedingly chilly with a biting wind. So not altogether a huge success. I was hoping that the 'Creative Quarter' which is Folkestone's up and coming bit might have some interesting things to see and do - but mostly it was shut and forlorn.

The kids did have fun on the beach running away from the rollers, but we all got rather cold and when it then took us another half an hour driving down the coast to find a chippy, it rather took the shine off the day. I think we will give it another go in the summer when it might be a bit more buzzy, but for now Folkestone isn't top of my list

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