Monday, January 05, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrrr Chilly

Seriously cold today, last day of the school hols, the kids had an inset day and we woke to a white landscape. I was lounging in bed (waiting for my tea...........) as "poor old Michael" had to get up and go to work - He has been somewhat teased as he didn't manage to work a full week for the whole of December as he was using up so much annual leave - so he brought me tea and reported that by 8.15 Stan was up and dressed and trying to make a snow man in the slush. When that failed he threw soggy snowballs at the windows! (Stan, not Michael)

Stan had complained last night that he was being sent to bed without "a proper supper" so I teased him mercilessly today, serving him a "proper" breakfast of porridge, followed by "proper" lunch of freshly made soup, croutons, ham, bread and carrots, with a "proper" supper of special cheesy baked spuds with broccoli, fruit salad and a whopping hunk of Choc brownie. Hope now he can't snitch on us to the teachers for underfeeding!!
I have to go back to work tomorrow - should be fun getting there as lane will be an ice rink as apparently tonight is set to be coldest day this winter - actually looking forward to work as there is much to do and I like doing it!

Here's to a fab 2009, getting lots done and embracing all of the fun and challenges that life throws at us!

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