Saturday, January 09, 2010


It has now been snowing on and off for a week, we're mostly having a ball - last two days we have been utterly snowed in - may lose it's amusement factor when we run out of milk!

This picture was published last week and shows quite an astonishing image of the UK (pic credit NEODAAS/University of Dundee)

Along with the snow we had spring tides so the house was forever filled with wonderful reflected light from all sides.
Been tobogganing, digging caves in snow drifts, and generally doing stuff I can barely remember doing in this country in my lifetime - Stan less keen on anything that might make him cold, living up to his nickname of Mowgli, but Mouse likes it!


anne said...

I love the pictures and catch up. At least being snowbound meant you had a bit of a breather and time to post these lovely evocative photos. I must ask you about the lanterns next time we speak as I have never seen them or heard about them before. They looked magical. Also loved your table setting ....LOL mum

Georgia said...

that piccie of the UK,it looks like Antarctica!!!!!