Saturday, January 09, 2010

Christmas Eve

Let the madness commence!

When planning to have Christmas in our house I kind of thought/hoped we would all fit in, crossed my fingers and prayed - the children are all so much bigger than 4 years ago when we last did it - in fact there is a new Whelan since then! So whilst we managed it, I am not sure that we might not need a bigger house or perhaps to knock through between living and dining room if we do it again.

Everyone arrived on Christmas Eve - we had spent ages tidying, stowing, sorting and generally emptying the house to try and make space and in an instant it was full to the brim with noise, people and jollity! We had a fish feast, 3 doz oysters, expertly opened by Michael - I may have to invest in a chain mail glove for him as he does it so often and so well! Followed by lovely whole sea bass and much, much wine.

Katy and Kev had brought some sky lanterns - the last time I had seen these was in great numbers in a huge field at the Big Chill and they are utterly magical. So simple and bewitching and everyone loves them.
We launched several and each time held our breath as we waited to see if they would clear the vast poplar at the bottom of the garden, before floating off towards Faversham climbing ever higher.

Beautiful, thanks guys.

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