Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red Nose Day

The kids thoroughly embraced the "do something funny for money" motto for this year's Red Nose Day, all going to school looking crazy - especially in the hair department! Stan had been encouraged to go to school in pyjamas and I so wish I had taken my camera to school as the teachers had, in true Ethelbert Road styleee, made themselves look truly bonkers. The head was in a full length purple nightie, red wig, etc etc.

Raff got rather upset when we did his hair because he said he looked stupid and everyone would laught at him, in the end he realised as we drove to school and saw all sorts of craziness on the streets on Fav that that was rather the point!

Georgia's theme was crazy clothes, so tutu, wings, multi colours was the order of the day along with mad hair!

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