Monday, March 16, 2009


Had the most wonderful day, home alone for hours and hours in delicious sunshine with a huge list of jobs to do in the garden. Not surprisingly don't fancy going to work tomorrow, but I am off again on Friday so hope the weather holds. Stopped briefly for breakfast and lunch outside but otherwise was up to my arms in soil, happy as a pig in the proverbial.
In the veggie garden I have put barrow loads of muck onto the beds, moved the summer raspberries and some rhubarb and generally tidied up.

At the other end of the garden I thought I would 'just' mulch, but when it came to it I totally renovated the front 'hot' bed. Removed every single plant, dug in loads of manure and then re planted . I hope that in doing so I will have managed to rid the bed of the Spanish bluebells which I try and pull up each year, pretty unsuccessfully, also last summer the soil in that bit ended up looking Saharan even though we had lots of rain, the compost should help.

Everything out...

"Now where shall I put it all?"

Back in..

Only another 4 or more bits this big to do!
Thankfully it's yoga tonight so I may be able to walk tomorrow after all!

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