Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

What a fabulous day, I feel like it's New Year's Day; I felt such a strong sense of new beginnings or of turning a new page.

Bright blue sky when we woke up, impromptu big breakfast with Polly and Simon when they came to collect their boys who had stayed over, which was lovely. Then I finally got on with some garden stuff - most importantly cleaning out the chickens - they were chicken-knee deep in pretty sordid muck, no wonder there are never any eggs, I think they are on strike.

After that I went for a "quick blast " with Mouse, which turned into the full 3 mile loop out to the sea and back along the creek. Well, the sun was beaming down and it felt rude not to celebrate it's solstice by soaking up the rays and I took loads of pictures - they will be paintings one day... From the sea wall looking back inland you can see nearly all of my favourite spots, Perry Wood, Blean, the marshes and Seasalter. I met friend who was walking from Whitstable back to Fav having been dropped there by his wife - I don't think in anger...? we should try it sometime.

The Konik ponies were looking a a little cold, Mouse was very excited to see them; it really is astonishing to walk 20 minutes from the house and be right amongst them. Close by in the field behind them was a vast flock of swans, who overwinter here, I must have counted 50, but the young are pretty well hidden so there were probably another 10 at least.

On the last leg I noticed the shadows that Mouse and I were making looked like Giacometti scupltures, so I snapped them for amusement.

And I just loved the colours of the mud - if you painted it the same purple no-one would believe that was how it looked.

Rounded off the day by gong to Dan And Annies Christmas drinks, with Dan's spectacular mince pies - they are made with a super tasty spiced meat filling, with pine nuts and apricots; I definately had my fair share! Someone there mentioned that it was 9 lessons and carols at 6.30, so we found ourselves easily persuaded - or was that the sherry and Prosecco talking? - to go along and have a good old sing! So I am thoroughly in the mood now for a jolly festive time - just a shame I have to go to work tomorrow before thoroughly embracing the season of eating and drinking to excess!

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