Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming

Kids have finally finished school for the hols (hooray!) and even though I still have to go back to work on Monday, it will be a breeze! At least we won't have any more missives from school asking for "a Roman soldier's outfit, King's costume, cakes for two school fairs and money for the school panto trip, plus contributions for the Tombola and confirmed numbers for the Christmas meal", all in one day!!! I kid you not, just over a week ago we laid out the bits of paper received in one day from the two schools and that is pretty much what was being asked for THAT day!!

But the magic of Christmas is not quite buried under all those demands. We got our tree last weekend - succumbing to an absurdly expensive one as I insisted on a 'nice' one. It's not yet fully decorated which is a bit tragic but nearly all of the lights from the last few years had finally had it and it took a while to find anywhere with any left in stock. Then G was performing at a concert in London and so the boys and I only dared put a few things on the tree when she was out - we still got a full on sulk on her return for daring to do that, and since then there just hasn't been time. So I have promised a full on decorating session in the morning, which probably means I will come down and find that she has done it tomorrow before anyone else is awake!

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