Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Planning my mid-life crisis...

Don't say you haven't all been warned!
Georgia is 10 on Friday and whilst a very exciting and an amazing milestone, it is nonetheless causing me no small amount of reflection. Mostly on the subject of "where did those 10 years go and what did I do in them?". I remember so vividly turning 10 and how quickly after that 16, 18, 21 and 30. Is her life going to get up to warp speed now too?
Her birthday coincides with my first week working properly full time for the first time since before she was born - for the past 4 months it has been 4 days per week, but now I am a 5 day a week girl and that too is daunting; I have prized my Fridays, free to go for huge walks with the dog, visit friends, do things without anyone else and will feel the loss of that small breathing space keenly.
But, before it sounds as though I am disappearing down my black hole, I love my new job, it's fantastic, challenging and rewarding. I guess it's just all about adjustments and there have been so many to make recently.


anne said...

Well for a start I think the midlife is now put around 50 so maybe you have some time to go!

Funnily enough I was also reflecting on where you were for your tenth and felt very sad to remember that you would have been at your boarding school and both you and I missed out. Now at least I can be around you and your lovely family but cannot rewind the past. As Stanley would put it " it is such fun".Such a bonus to have the cottage close to you and a loving husband who is equally keen that we see you as much as we can.

Georgia is a stunning girl and I felt looked so grown up and self assured on her birthday. Her friends comment to you earlier in the week that she felt priviledged to be a friend of Georgia's was certainly tear jerking stuff. That is what makes parenthood an overwhelmingly great experience.

Thank you for sharing so much of your experience with us , your wider family, friends and admirers. You are an example to us all.

Much love mum x

emmagee said...

Thanks Mum, I have a great example to follow x