Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stan leaves home!

Well. it's finally happened, all my children have flown out into the world, I can no longer claim them as mine.

Of course what I mean to say is that Stan started school today. He looked great, all dressed up in his smart uniform and setting off very confidently (although he was holding my finger VERY tightly in the playgound). He was a little miffed not to be taking his new lunchbox, but they have a very slow settling in period; for the first 2 weeks they only stay until 12, then the third week they have lunch but go home soon after and then eventually stay all day. It means some canny juggling with work but hopefully will work out okay.
The after effects of his very busy morning reading stories and "playing with toys" were as expected, but on waking he did polish off a very respectable 2 helpings of supper.

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