Sunday, May 18, 2008

Progress in the veg garden

All the concrete gone and the hole filled in- Ed reckons he used 20 tonnes of topsoil - Michael said we could have had a swimming pool in the hole!

I finished work on Wednesday ready for some serious time in the garden, but of course the weather broke and so it was a very muddy session, marking out the layout for the new veg garden.
But I got it done and ordered the timber for the raised beds which will be delivered tomorrow. I also realised that we were going to need a substantial amount more topsoil, so Ed Lynch (he of heroic concrete removal) delivered a load of 'ordinary' and a load of 'enriched' on Friday afternoon. This has completely taken over the driveway so will have to be moved quickish!

After our trip to London yesterday to admire Jack, we got stuck into some major earth moving today and covered over the area of sand that had previously been a paved area and which will soon be the new home of the swing. Now we need to get going with the grass seed.

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