Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nick and Geo visit

What a lovely weekend. Nick and Geo and the boys came down on friday night, a bit later than they had hoped so I didn't get to cook them a very gourmet dinner, but we had a great day on Saturday, beautiful sunny day, breakfast outside, after which Nick got a little mischevious with a watering can.....

"look what I've got...."

"mmmm, where are they all?"

After that we went for a lovely, very hot, walk at Oare followed by a superb lunch at the Three Mariners in Oare - recently taken over by new people and serving scrumptious fresh food.

I think they would pass the Gordon Ramsey test for local seasonal food - the fish comes from local fisherman Blue, about 200 yrds from the pub. They had set up a table for us on the terrace, under a great big parasol and the kids disappeared into the huge garden when we weren't eating, so we managed a pretty good adult lunch..

Did I say adult?
On Sunday we carried on with our garden plans. Michael is building a fab new tree house - less dangerously high than the last. I seemed to spend all day digging out periwinkle and other weeds, which I had to do before they delivered the earthto fill the BIG hole, and going to the tip -where I am now a regular! It was another scorching day so we got the paddling pool out - Stan didn't however spend long in it, but did spend the rest of the day naked. Because Michael was 'playing' with rusty nails and rotted wood, we made him wear wellies, quite a look I think you'll agree!

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