Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Raff's fabulous beanstalk!

Spring has sprung in Nagden - most notably in the kitchen!

We recently went on a bit of a seed spending spree and the kids have chosen things that they would like to grow in their own veg beds when the concrete pond finally gets smashed up (hopefully in April) and turned into a much enlarged/improved veg plot!
So whilst waiting for said landscaping works they have all sown a few things indoors. Raff has been incredibly successful with his runner beans - we think they may truly be the ones from the story as they seem to gain inches every day! I am looking forward to the goose that lays golden eggs.

Speaking of eggs, I felt that we needed a boost in our production line, since we now only have two reliable layers, so last Friday Stan and I went and chose two new ladies. they are settling in slowly, being very henpecked which is a bit heartbreaking, but hopefully will not last long. Pictures to follow as they are rather beautiful.

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