Monday, April 21, 2008

Old friends and mad weekends

Have had a totally fab, if somewhat full weekend, the highlight of which may arguably have been Stan's birthday festivities on Sunday, but was in fact Saturday when Miles, great old friend/ex flat mate from Uni days came over with Kara, his wife and Sidney, their babe.
The boys did group reiki (don't know what prompted it!!)
Much chat about the old days, who was now doing what, who went where, who had kids/didn't have was(n't) married etc etc.

The kids loved having them here too and were mostly on cute and charming mode all day. Ed also popped in for tea, which turned into glass of wine, on his way to Canterbury which was lovely too.
On Friday night we had friends round for Sri Lankan curry, Mum had brought back a hopper pan (Sri Lankan thing) from their recent trip and we had promised Annie and Dan first attempt at hoppers. I am rather proud of my results, which Annie said took her back to Colombo. Now just have to repeat the success as Georgia would like to try Egg hoppers, Sri Lankan breakfast.

Sunday was Stan's 'official' birthday and we went to Chatham with many small children to watch 'Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaurs' - the grown ups didn't think much of the show (and neither did G) but the small ones thought it was great. Afterwards they all came back for tea - hot dogs and choc cake and a frolic in the garden.

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