Monday, October 30, 2006

what global warming?

We had friends for lunch yesterday, on an another impossibly warm day and I picked a small bouquet for the table. If the flowers in this don't demonstrate climate change then what does? It's the 30th October, we haven't had the heating on yet, the back door is wide open all day long - yes we are hardier than many but it's really balmy, until the sun goes down. Today Georgia is off school for an inset day so we have been planting crocuses (her) and sweeping up leaves (me) plus I finally got some wallflowers and tulips in the bed by the front door, so it will stop looking so dreadful, plus an old tin bath full of winter pansies. Stan is sleeping and the house is quiet so a chance to catch up with the world of blog.

Life is about to get a whole load more complicated though as last week I was interviewed for a job, which I got! I am going to become a Knowledge Transfer Co-ordinator at the University College for the Creative Arts at Rochester - it will be a long skinny business card I think!! Now I have to begin the search for childcare to fit in with the kids three different days, two different schools and Stan just starting at playgroup!


johnbro52 said...

Yes, lovely colours. But the prize must go to either R's Indian or A's Sudan reds and yellows.

You have certainly put the mockers on the arctic winter today.

Good luck in the world of paid servitude.

louis said...

Congrats on the JOB!!! Not sure what it means exactly but is sounds great fun and a good way to stimulate you out of the house. Kids look fun. Nick