Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stan has a room!

After two weekends shifting furniture around the place (Michael) and planning the decor (me) Stan has his own room, and therefore so does Raff again. I have to admit to being rather over emotional about it all. It seems quite something for Stan to be sleeping all alone for the first time in his life, and the end of babyhood! But since I was the one to push, weedle and nag for it, I can't be too tragic about it. Stan getting a room forms the primary plank of my master plan entitled "get the toys upstairs and reclaim the living room and dining room". So thus far it's looking good. Stan is in love with the idea of his own room and Raff loves the extra space, he has said " please don't let's put any things in here" - I think I may ruin his aspirations to be the next John Pawson when I explain the thing about all the toys coming to live upstairs! Michael now plans a trip to IKEA, ooh lucky us!
We will have been here for 4 years in January and I think it should be my goal to have painted the raw plaster and delightful tester paint patches all over the walls of our bedroom (sickly jade courtesy of previous owners!) which is our current decorative finish. M is going to make built in storage and then I think we should splash out on flooring - crazy! It's amazing to think what the domino effect of doing Stan's room could lead to....

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