Monday, May 22, 2006

Mistral madness

I thought we had had all this in March but the gale force winds are back and have been all week, the garden is being buffeted 24/7 and it's too exhausting to be outside - notwithstanding the sideways rain that accompanies it! My poor weeping pear is almost horizontal somedays and will need some new staking if it's not to be permanently damaged! As for the Globe Artichokes that I was so proud of last week, I am afraid they will be wrenched from the ground and sent flying across the veg patch - the large garden umbrella went for a short flight today! The irony of the local water supplier applying for a more severe drought order than the current hosepipe ban is somewhat lost on me! Just looked at the forecast for the next two weeks and not a lot looks like changing. Michael may yet be right that we can't really justify the beach hut!

Yesterday I finally go hold of my chestnut poles with which I am going to weave low hurdles around a flower bed- this involved meeting a man in some woods near Ashford, who I had only contacted online so Michael came and chaperoned me! It had been raining torrentially all day and was still going when we arrived so M and all of the kids stayed in the car whilst Mouse and I got totally drenched lugging wood back and forth - never wear jeans in the rain!! We drove home with our booty and I have to say I needed a full change of clothing when we got back, now all I need is a small break in the weather so I can start my crazy project - thankyou honey for indulging my passion for madcap adventures!!

I had a wonderful long walk over towards Abbeyfields at the end of the day and we had the striking lighting you get when there are breaks in the cloud for short periods so everything in the foreground lights up and yet in the backgound the sky is dramatically black as the next wave of weather heads your way. I absolutely must remember to take my camera with me when I take the dog out, because yesterady there was an inspiring scene to be filed in "things I want to paint one day". I took this one on my return and it's pretty good, but not as amazing as it was to the naked eye.

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