Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May in the garden

I am having such a lovely time at home at the moment, the garden is looking beautiful, the sun shines most days and the kids are all happy. I long for more space to grow veg, but that will come as soon as I can persualde M to wield a lump hammer and smash up the old pond....don't hold your breath. Georgia's miniature gadren is looking good - Sasha asked for an update so here is a recent snap.

We had along weekend in Devon last weekend satying with Penny and saw the following oddity on the way - chickens at a busy M25 service station! It was great to seee Penny and Charlotte and to see Penny's wonderful new studio, what an inspirational space. Also the kids had fun working on the allotment just across the road. Georgia is developing a real interest in gardening, helped by some work they have been doing at school, so I now have to enlarge her growing area in the garden too - it's never ending, but then as someone said at the weekend, if your garden was ever 'finished' then you would just be a park keeper. I am particulary proud of my garden at the moment beacuse parts of it have really matured and feel like they are all my own work. This bed in particular is a triumph, now I just need it to look okay in the winter too!

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Anne said...

yes the garden is a real triumph, much better in reality than a photograph can do justice to....lovely to see all those iris flags.mum x