Sunday, May 20, 2012

Faversham Creek rowing race

Poor neglected Nagden Life blog! A year has passed almost before the time (and a subject) has made it self available. It's been a funny start to the year; gloriously warm March bringing hosepipe bans and warnings of severe drought led to the wettest April on record and now a pretty poor May. As I am almost entirely fuelled by sunshine and outdoor living, it has certainly taken its toll and I find myself falling prey to tiredness, headaches and low level grumpiness. So it was all the more brilliant and fantastic when we woke to blue sky yesterday and then Mum and Brian arrived mid morning bearing fresh croissants and Bucks Fizz to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary. We sat outside in the floriferous garden and soaked up the warmth. Then my phone pinged and a message from a friend in town said that the annual Faversham creek rowing race was due to start at half eleven and this year's course started at the bottom of our garden. A tug was apparently heading our way, towing the small craft. Michael quickly got our small boat out and headed out as a welcoming party with mum and Stan on board.
It was a wonderful sight, all crews in fancy dress and some with ship's dog aboard. After that invigorating start to the day I then went on to dig over the last part of my (long planned) flower meadow - of which another whole post anon.

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johnbro52 said...

I wondered where you had been for the past year!