Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Race for Life

Georgia and I ran the Race for Life with our friends Amanda, Polly and Celeste last Sunday in Margate. With very little training the ladies managed a respectable time of 33 mins - now the Faversham 10K seems a disctinct possibility...and this from someone who hated running at school.
The back signs which the runners all wear always provoke my tears - one family were all clearly running for a very young boy- his sister, mother, grandmother aunts and cousins. It's hard to run when you're weeping. This year at the end there was a fence onto which you could pin the signs; a place to pause as you leave the site and give thanks for those poeple we know who have made it through and remember fondly those who didn't.

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anne said...

Brings tears to my eyes just to see your pictures. So proud I am
Granny and mum xx