Friday, October 30, 2009

November is coming

The weather is turning and the garden descending into sludge. Chickens have almost stopped laying, the starlings are gathering in larger and larger flocks and I feel the pull of hibernation. We have had some extraordinarily warm days and good sunshine, but the clocks went back last week and suddenly we are plunged into darkness before the afternoon has really got going - the days foreshortened. Work as ever makes huge demands on my energy and there is little left for all of the other things that need attention. The work life scales are way off balance.
Thinking back to last year at the same time I remember feeling very bleak and thinking at the time that it was unusual, but perhaps it is just the natural cycle of things.
All that said I have managed some good forays out to suck up the fading rays and took these pictures last weekend which affirm the staggering scale and beauty of where we live.

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anne said...

Quite stunning calendar stuff , or is that not the compliment it is meant to be...As I am here with you all I can also vouch for a beautiful and late autumn . I returned to the burnished colours on the trees , very unexpected for a November visit.So lovely to be with you and see the end results of the family halloween. Just perfect . Everything and so proud a granny I am , as usual!