Sunday, August 30, 2009

Space and de-junking

At the end of a child-free week which has been heavenly.
Whilst I obviously love the little darlings, we managed to revisit the world of spontaneity and selfishness this week. Out to supper with friends, quick trip to the cinema, last minute bar-b with Whitstable mates etc etc. Getting up in the morning and going to work without assembling packed lunches and various necessary items for holiday club's chosen theme of the day was one of the real highlights!
The week of lovliness started last Sunday, leaving children in a field in Sussex (with loving relatives..!) and scooting back home and then out to dinner to celebrate 12th wedding anniv. Dinner at sweet but expensive place in Whitstable, fininshed off with coffee and star gazing on the beach.
Yesterday we undertook to empty the entire workshop on to the driveway and made three piles; tip, freecycle, back in. We were amazingly ruthless and have created an entirely usable space again, instead of a barely navigable room filled with junk. This evening I posted loads on freecycle and nearly all had gone within half an hour, bonkers! As a reward for all our hard work we went for a quick pint at the Three Mariners and booked our tickets for Moare Music, can't wait, it's going to be fab - nice way to say farewell to summer
So week over, today I drove down to Stonehenge to meet Penny and the kids - they have clearly had an utterly amazing time and Penny is certainly going to relish the quiet of her particular corner of Devon! A small amount of re-entry difficulties on our part, but the kids have experienced no such difficulty, re-creating chaos , mayhem and noise as if they had never been away!

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daniel.taylor said...

Samuel is truly wedded to his pirate sword, hat and cape. Thanks Stan!