Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just back from a really super lunch at the Mariners to say goodbye to Mum and Brian, it feels very real now although Mum says it's unreal. Perhaps it's real for us as we are off on Friday and their date is not entirely fixed. Also, despite depositing bagfuls of stuff each week on us, they still have so much packing and sorting to do!

I was remembering as we drove back how I took mum to the airport last time she was off to Sri Lanka. Georgia was just a few months old and oblivious to the tears mostly held back, as we drank coffee and ate plastic airport croissants on a chilly morning. Now the tears are held back to protect her, but the sadness no less keenly felt. Of course you want go and we want you to go and have another amazing adventure, we've just got rather used to your proximity. The saving starts now for a trip there ourselves

Stan's daft face!

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