Friday, June 05, 2009


Sitting here now with jeans on and 2 cardies and indeed socks for the first time in weeks, it seems somewhat unlikely that we recently had a stunningly hot weekend, one day of which was spent with Ed and Sarah in Littlestone. When we first arrived I established an outpost in the middle of the lawn, lying flat out in the sun and soaking up the rays like a lizard, paper in one hand and coffee in the other; a rare and guiltly enjoyed moment of idleness.

The garden backs straight onto Littlestone golf course and the boys usually go pelting across the vast open space, but this time were curtailed by 'actual golfers'... Georgia however took up a position with Patrick on top of the wall, all the better to see the action.

We had a fabulous lunch outside - Stan ate his body weight and perhaps mine too, in prawns (no granny there this time to indulge and peel them for him). After lunch we were planning a trip to ride on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch "little train", which astonishingly we have ever done before, despite some pretty avid train fans amongst the smaller people in the family. A slight distraction came along in the form of a friend of Ed and Sarah's who was riding her horse and had promised Patrick the chance to have a go.

This naturally extended into G wanting a go (although the boys were rather reticent?). It reminded me of Georgia's very natural posture om a horse and how I have been talking forever about setting up a regular session for her and I to go riding. (note to self "pull finger out"!). She was really lucky to go for a short walk down the road and back; heath and safety thrown to the wind, - bare feet and no hard hat, but hey?

Horseman/womanship over we realised that the last chance for the train was rushing towards us and so hurled the kids in the car, Patrick still his PJ's,and made it in time for a short ride up the line to Dymchurch and back.

The sky had been darkening though all afternoon and by the time we got to Dymchurch, where we had to wait for 20 minutes for the return journey. It was by now chucking it down however the sprogs scoffed down an ice cream and loved every minute, I think I would have benefited from more clothes!

Raff was ecstatic and we all had a pretty good time - Mouse however trembled and shook for the whole journey and nearly shed her own skin when the train let off steam and whistled loudly as it departed.
Ed, I'm not sure you needed the sign, the ladies have always known which way to go - thank you for lovely da

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anne said...

Goodness me, yes what a lovely straight back Georgia has on 'her ' horse. She could teach me a thing or two about sitting up properly. Is it the yoga she has done or have you introduced her to the Alexander technique? or does it all come naturally?

Her mother is looking pretty and very slim in the photos. All that hard work.

lovely to see your blog as ever. mum x