Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kings Wood picnic

A few weeks ago we had a fantastic day out in Kings Wood with Mum, Brian, Mark, Eleanor, Isabella and Freddy. Mum had laid on a supreme feast with everyone's favourite food - Stan was particularly thrilled by the 2 bags of prawns from Bluey in Oare - which his personal peeler (Granny) fed him one by one! Oh to be the youngest and most indulged..! What will he do and in fact what will we all do when she sets off (again) on a grand adventure? Yes, for those who didn't know the siren, Sri Lanka, has called again and she and Brian are off in August for 2-3 years. We will miss you both so very much, but at least we can plan a grand trip as compensation

Anyway, back to Kings Wood. Here are a selection of Brian's pics - I didn't take any that day, so thanks Brian


Trying to hear Jem Finer's piece working

Long walk = shoulder ride

Georgia and Brian

Use the force!

A gaggle of cousins - or whatever the collective noun is; brood, rabble, hullabaloo?

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anne said...

Lovely day it was with all the family...well almost all. Louis and Archie came the next weekend.I will of cvourse miss the family but hope that bi annual visits to England will help bridge that gap. What a homecoming it will be after the two/three years. So much to pick up with again and really relish. Hopefully both Brian and I will be free to just live in our surroundings especially the kent countryside which we love. Such a treat to have you there as well. Time will be of the essence and we all - us Kentish people know how to make the best of our surroundings lucky.Mum xx