Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fabulous Day

It's amazing what sunshine can do. My soul is recharged and uplifted.
The list of garden jobs was getting a little out of hand and with the next few weekends looking pretty hectic it was today or bust! I have conquered most of it. Dead shrub has been dug up, plants which I tolerated but did not love have been sent to the compost heap; I wanted a bonfire really but it was all too damp and would have invited the wrath of Knibbs if smoke had gone across his garden - not worth repeating, ever!
I have been painting with plants in my imagination, moving things and putting in new favourites and underplanting with lots of bulbs. I am bound to have forgotten some of the plants which have already died back, and there may be a little jostling and pushing in the spring, but nothing too disastrous I am sure.
Last night we went to the Mt Ephraim fireworks - first time we have been to a 'proper' display for at least 6 years! It was spectacular, truly beautiful and as Michael said, almost more exciting to watch the faces of Stan and Raff as they took it all in.

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