Friday, June 20, 2008

raff's birthday

It has been drawn to my attention that I haven't posted recently (enough) for doting grandparents! And in particular that Rafferty's birthday has gone by without comment! It's all because of this full time working m'larkey you know, it does rather take up alot of one's time!
Anyhow here are some pictures of my lovely Raff's party at the 10 pin bowling place in Whitstable, much fun was had by all (small) people.
It was the first sunny afternoon for weeks so I was a bit cross to be inside, but we went to the beach afterwards for an evening pint and that cheered me up no end. The most important things though was that Raff had an absolutely top time and rather fortuitoulsy won!! Hooray !!

And hooray for Polly geting the beers in!

Phil thought Raffy might need to cool off after all his exertions...

Not sure if Stan is urging him on or rushing to Raff's defence!

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anne said...

Well done Rafferty! What a huge amount of growing up has occured in this last year. Love mum x