Friday, November 02, 2007

Half term treat

We had a fab trip at half term - to Calais for the day with Polly, Frank and Noah. There was a special offer on P&O and Michael - or 'keeper of the purse' - decided that we could easily recover the cost of the ticket on cheap wine - not sure his sums included lunch and the exorbitant coffee on the ferry, but there you go!
It was a pretty grey day, but not choppy so a good crossing. We had a great time - explored a Napoleonic Fort, looked at the wonders of Calais (not many!) and had a good lunch, then off to Auchan to fill up with goodies followed by a trip to the beach at Sangatte - miles of beautiful sand.

The kids had great fun and so did we - may become a regular thing?

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anne said...

Are you going to send the delightful picture of Stanley to Boden? love mum