Sunday, July 15, 2007

Race for Life - I DID IT!

Thanks to all of you wonderful people who sponsored me - I did it and raised over £500! I ran all the way which felt great. It was such an incredibly emotional day and many tears were shed! The 'back signs' that everyone wears made me cry buckets before we had even started. It's an opportunity to say why you are running and emphasised how many people are touched by cancer and how many survive too! The course wasn't too hard and we came past Michael, Sasha and all of the kids a few times who gave us encouraging shouts and cheers. Polly and I were particularly chuffed to sprint the last 50 metres - unfortunately our cheering party thought we would be another 10 mins (ahem, oh ye of little faith!) so didn't witness our euphoria, but I think the adrenaline high lasted for most of the rest of the day!

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anne said...

I, your mum, was a bit teary when she saw the photos and the message on your back.
I still feel myself to be so lucky to have such a loving daughter. It makes me sad to think that I was never able to express for my own mother just how much I loved her in the ways that you do every week.
I am very proud of you and happy to be able to go on sharing in all the things you do. Lots of love mumx