Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pirate Party 2!!

Gluttons for punishment, we have just had our second Pirate party. This time for Raff's 6th birthday and with a more complicated cake and entertainment plan! I was in charge with the former (with help from M) and he was in charge of keeping 8 six year old boys occupied.
Firts of all he needed to get into character - which you will agree he did very well!

Next he and Georgia went out and laid a fiendish treasure hunt - or so they thought at the time.

The boys set off at a tremendous speed and I soon realised I was going to have run back to the house to collect the picnic (which was their reward) if I was going to make it to the rendezvous in time! And I only just made it, I had spread out the rugs when the scary mob appeared. Most were thrilled to see me, but there was nearly a mutiny when they realised that the food was their treasure and that I wasn't actually going to dish out gold bullion!

All of the boys had made a great effort to get into character and when Jo turned up half way through the feast she was attacked by the vicious blaggards! An innocent bystander was very nearly attacked too, but he beat a hasty retreat!

After a suitable amount of charging around we ran back across the field to play a quick round of pass the parcel before cake time, singing, ravaging of wenches and ransacking. Then they all disappeared leaving us in relative tranquillity with a bottle of Prosecco - a pretty perfect afternoon really!

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